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Welcome to Silver City, Nuevo Mexico

Silver City is a gem in Southwest New Mexico with forest recreation, a vibrant historic downtown, art community, and dozens of festivals and events. We’re equal parts Old West heritage and a distinctive arts and entertainment community, packed with a vibrant “small-town” style of living

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Remotely settled in southwestern New Mexico, Silver City boasts dark skies, a pleasant climate, abundant sunshine, 339 species of birds, five life zones, and enough precipitation to transform the high desert hillsides into a gorgeous, lush landscape from summer through fall. At 6,000 feet above sea level, Silver City’s mountainous air maintains a moderate temperature year-round, yet the town experiences four distinct seasons.

Snowbirds with a fondness for winter will enjoy the few magical flurries this area receives each year and then rejoice at the warm sunshine that removes all evidence of winter within days. Nature wows visitors to Silver City and Grant County, no matter their interests.

Boasting historical ties with Billy The Kid, the Gila Cliff Dwellings, and Geronimo, as well as the third largest open pit copper mine in the world, Silver City shines in its artistic, culinary and historical offerings

Animal lovers and bird watchers in the area can observe el life that animates riverbanks, the forests, and the parks each season. Astronomers can set up shop under the Milky Way, as observatories are sprinkled throughout the county, and star parties occur regularly. Some stargazers might even want to spend a couple of nights at el Cosmic Campground International Dark Sky Sanctuary, which is an easy drive from town.

The people make the place, and Silver City’s population of 10,000 is a tight-knit community that welcomes strangers as family. You’ll anticipate friendly conversation, as well as recommendations on best places to eat, hang out, and relax at one of our locally owned coffee shops.

Enjoy a morning walk along the historic flood-carved Big Ditch, which was at one time Main Street and is now a lush downtown park. Continue your day of exploring, and by afternoon, you’ll understand why some of us never leave. By the evening, you’ll know all the locals: the unofficial mayors, the sociable loners, and the life-long natives.

With abundant parks and playgrounds, as well as a rich variety of arts programming, Silver City is a great place to raise kids. The culture and atmosphere work together to cultivate rich imaginations and create vibrant childhood experiences. Here, diversity is more than a goal or a buzzword; it’s reality in our accepting and character-rich community. From toddlers to millennials, baby boomers to old timers, ranchers and miners to artists and retirees, the people who live in and visit our town represent a cornucopia of ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic groups. EXPLORE:

- Catwalk Recreation Area

- City of Rocks State Park

- Continental Divide Trail

- Fort Bayard

- Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

- Gila National Forest & Gila Wilderness

- Historic Downtown

- Mining District

- Silver City Museum

- Trail of the Mountain Spirits

- Western New Mexico University Museum (WNMU)

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